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Suffolk County Council Announces a NEW Unit Membership & Marketing Chairperson Position

February, 2013

Suffolk County Council is the First Council in the Nation to address Membership Growth with the establishment of a new unit level position called the Membership & Marketing Chairperson or M&M Chair for short. This is a committee position answering to the Committee Chairman. The M&M chair will work with the Committee and Unit Leader to:

  • Ensure the unit has healthy membership.
  • Celebrate Scout and Unit Achievements through publicity.
  • Ensure the unit is a positive "Scouting" presence in the Community

The Suffolk County Council Marketing Committee has developed training for this new position. Participants will learn from experienced Scouting leaders and business experts how to:

  1. Develop a Membership and Marketing Plan - Learn how to work with your Committee Chair and Unit Leader.
  2. Create an effective press release - Experienced marketing professionals will show examples and methods to make your units message heard.
  3. Use the Council's automated on-line press release system (Boy Scout News) to get information to community media outlets.
  4. Organize and run a Membership Event - How to make it Fun and Successful!
  5. Be the Face of Scouting in your community - How to leverage Council resources to represent Scouting and Your Unit at community events.
  6. Manage relationships with Faith-Based Organizations in your community. These organizations are ideal partners in many ways, they are great for service projects, and for identifying community needs. They are also a great place to promote Scouting.
  7. Make relationships with neighboring units - Proven methods to improve Webelos-to-Scout transitions and Keep Older Scouting with Venturing programs. Grow Scouting in your Community.
  8. Track Membership - "What gets measured gets Done". Watching your numbers and ensuring that information is reported correctly and in a timely manner, helping greater Scouting and helping tune your plan.
  9. Media Development - Learn how to use the Marketing Tool Box to create great event signage, "Join Here" posters, business cards, web banners, and much more.
  10. Answer Questions on Scouting - Learn how to deal with questions regarding Scouting and where to direct inquires.

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