Camping Promotion

The District Camping Committee's Role

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The district camping committee promotes year-round troop camping that culminates in a successful resident camp experience. To help carry out this responsibility, the committee should first determine which troops "always go camping," "sometimes go camping," or "never go camping." Special attention must be paid to the groups that "sometimes" or "never" camp so that the chartered organization, the troop committee, the Scoutmaster and assistants, the parents, and the Boy Scouts are made aware of the values of attending a resident camp. The effectiveness of a resident camp is measured by the percentage of Boy Scouts and of troops that attend. Four factors can contribute to that effectiveness:

  • Quality of the resident camp program. This factor speaks for itself. If the camp program meets - and exceeds - their expectations, boys and leaders will return for more.
  • Parental visibility and confidence. Parents - those who pay their son's camp fee or encourage their son to attend resident camp - need to be exposed to what camp is and what it has to offer. They want to be assured that the camp meets high standards for their son's health and safety, and they must be confident of the leaders' qualifications and ability. The district camping committee can help accomplish this goal by:
    • Training volunteers to tell the camp story at troop meetings and on parents' nights
    • Developing and mailing to parents a colorful and intelligent brochure about the camp
    • Informing parents that the camp is a nationally accredited BSA camp
    • Using news media to advertise the resident camp
  • Unit leader education. We need to tell the story of how camp strengthens the troop and makes the Scoutmaster's job easier. This can be done through:
    • Roundtables
    • Scoutmaster meetings - "What camp does for your troop"
    • A strong district camp promotion team that visits troop meetings
    • Camp staff or Order of the Arrow visits to troop meetings
    • A series on resident camp in the council news bulletin - January to June
    • Camp-oriented clerical staff at the council service center
  • Boy visibility and excitement. Various methods may be used, but these are especially effective:
    • Camp slides presented by an Order of the Arrow team at a troop meeting
    • Camporees with camp staff and Order of the Arrow visibility at the evening campfire
    • Resident camp rallies in the district - outdoors in a playground or at a park - with resident camp staff participation
    • A booth about resident camp at the Scouting show with materials available for registering troops and Scouts for camp

Hold a Sales Training Meeting

2010-09-10 @ 00:01, Updated by Webmaster, from Golden Empire Council

In order for the district camping committee to do its job, an essential step is training the district promotion team. Whether this sales training meeting is done by the council or in the district, the following subjects should be covered:

  • Know your prospect. Know the institution and its troop committee. Get acquainted with the Scoutmaster. Ask him to review last year's outdoor program. Sell him on the values of camping.
  • Know the tools for camp promotion. Leadership training. Camping guide. Videos or other audiovisual aids. Order of the Arrow promotion plan and team organization.
  • Recognize why troops are classified. "Always," "sometimes," or "never ."
  • Plan contacts to fit the troop. These are based on how the troops have been classified.
    • Always go camping. Keep in touch and confirm reservations. Learn how they do it. Seek their help with other troops.
    • Sometimes go camping. Meet with the troop committee and review plans for a year-round outdoor program. Help the troop committee schedule hikes and weekend camps. (Two or three meetings may be needed.)
    • Never go camping. Get help from the unit commissioner.