Long Island STEM Internship Program

Welcome to the Suffolk County Council, Boy Scout STEM business and industry internship resources.

Connecting Employers to Students
Training the Next Generation of STEM Workers
With an increasing demand for skilled STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) workers on Long Island, the development of efficient pathways between High School, College Undergraduate, and Graduate Students pursuing STEM studies will lead to STEM related degrees. Long Island STEM companies are looking to support our Scouts and provide a learning opportunity which will help provide a positive path to rewarding STEM careers, with our Long Island companies. This program offers a one-stop, centralized, online STEM activity and internship search engine at the ConnectToTech website and internship registration on the Long Island STEM Hub website. The online web portal provides our Scouts the ability to search and apply for STEM-related paid or unpaid internships. The Long Island STEM Hub website allows business and industry to partner with the program, so they can seek interns.

The matching of the Scout with the business will be coordinated by the Long Island STEM Hub team. Companies will make internship and/or employment offers directly with the interns.

Long Island based companies have the ability to work with The Long Island STEM Hub team, to search a large database of student internship applications for specific skills, experience, educational background, interests and desired work locations to find the best possible candidates for their paid or unpaid internships.

Connect to Tech

Search for an Internship

Long Island STEM Hub
Keeping STEM Talent on Long Island
Students, interested in an internship apply here

Linking Students to Industry
Apply for high school internship programs

The High School Internship program is open to students who have completed 10th, 11th, or 12th grade and are at least 16 years old. Students must have reliable transportation to and from their internship location and make a set time commitment to the internship.

Apply for undergraduate and graduate internship programs

The Undergraduate and Graduate Internship program is open to students who are currently enrolled in a Community College, an accredited College or University, or a Vocational School and are at least 18 years old. Students must have reliable transportation to and from their internship location and make a set time commitment to the internship.

Business and Industry

Free Workshop, please see "Upcoming Events" for the next workshop: Hosting interns in Business and Industry

Business and industry seeking interns or teachers looking for an educational experience submit your request here. You'll be considered a partner; there is no cost to be a partner.

Important Internship Highlights

There is no cost for students or companies to utilize these online services.

The applications are open to Scouts and non Scouts, there are three sessions Summer, Fall and Winter, please view the important dates section, for application open and closing dates. The system is set-up first come - first serve.

Program Goals:

  1. Provide Long Island High School and Undergraduate and Graduate College Students with paid and unpaid internships to explore career goals, apply classroom theory in the work place, and hone their skills on real-world projects.
  2. Develop an active online venue where students can find the right opportunities, and industries can evaluate and train the right candidates for potential future employment.
  3. Stimulate student interest in future employment within the Long Island business and industrial community.
  4. Facilitate access for Long Island business and industries to find highly qualified interns.
  5. Foster relationships and develop an integrated and effective systemic regional partnership between industry, academia and not-for profit organizations to increase the number of Long Island students interested in and prepared for careers in the high tech and global businesses of Long Island.

For information on:

ConnectToTech visit their website at www.connecttotech.org

The Long Island STEM Hub visit their website at www.listemhub.org