Centennial Overview


The council was formed in 1919, and the work of 100 years of making a difference in Suffolk is a milestone worth celebrating. A committee of over 50 Scouters have assembled for the purpose of creating a year long program to ensure all Scouts, Volunteers, Alumni, Charter Organizations and Communities can participate in this one in a lifetime happening. Your unit and Scouts will be asked to play a part in the celebration, and not just by attending an event, but by doing good works in the community in the name of Scouting and earning special awards in the process.

Our Centennial Celebration Goals

The council has established a Centennial Jubilee Committee of over 50 Scouters, this jubilee goals:

  • Memorable to Today’s Scouts and Scouters
  • Serve More Youth by Elevating the awareness our Programs
  • Re-engage Alumni as Volunteers and Supporters
  • Strengthen the Financial Stability of the Council for the next 100 years

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