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Ready Set Scout - 

After a year of being cooped up inside, it’s time to escape the indoors and help families discover Scouting!  Together, let’s get back outside!  Back to fun, family, and friends!  Back to helping young people become the best future versions of themselves.  We’re all ready to put down our screens (even if just for a few moments) to experience “real”.  Real nature, real friendships, real excitement!  It’s time to help families discover Scouting!  Here are resources to find and engage interested families. 

Learn best practices and tips for marketing, recruiting, and retaining Scouts in your unit. Find plenty of Resources & Materials to Strengthen Units and Grow Scouting

Visited the National Marketing Membership Hub to access videos, photos, social media images, and more to grow your unit.

For local resources such as reserving Base Camp, requesting recruitment fliers, or materials to have an open house please visit Scouting MM Central.


File Name Description
2021 Cub Membership Growth Incentive.pdf Download
2021 Scouts BSA Membership Growth Incentive.pdf Download
New-Member-Coordinator-Brochure-Handout-8-9-17.pdf Download
Position Name Telephone
VP Communications Donna Lillie Email
Chief Operating Officer Lauren Vlachos (631) 924-7000 x137 Email