Silver Beaver & Honor Spirit Awards 2021

Silver Beaver  Class of 2021

We are thrilled to announce our 2021 Class of Silver Beaver Recipients. Please join us in congratulating the following volunteers on this prestigious honor: To read the full bio's of our amazing volunteers please click here for the pdf booklet. 

Steven Barile Trailblazer District 
Brian Morse Matinecock District
Nancy Pallino Benjamin Tallmadge District
Christopher Philp Benjamin Tallmadge District
Edith Pulizzotto Matinecock District
Charlene Vitale Benjamin Tallmadge District

Steven Barile

Steve Barile is a 31 year veteran of Scouting, beginning as a youth and an adult volunteer with Troop 551 and now working and volunteering at Baiting Hollow Scout camp and serving on the Council Camping Committee. If it's the weekend, you will see Steve at Baiting Hollow Scout Camp. His gift of thousands of hours providing programs and services to youth include hosting the Halloween Haunted Trail, Brunch with Santa, and the stage show at the Council's 2016 Southaven Council Camporee. He has played a major part in the building and renovations at Baiting Hollow, particularly the construction of the Andrew McMorris Memorial Lodge. Steve is a gift that has never stopped giving to the youth of Suffolk County. Steve is an Eagle Scout and a Vigil Honor recipient of Scouting's Order of the Arrow camping honor society. 

Brian Morse

Brian Morse started as a Scouting parent who caught the Scouting Spirit and jumped in with both feet. He has grown from a Cub Scout Parent through numerous volunteer Scout leadership positions to now being the Assistant Council Commissioner for Special Needs Youth. His dedication to special needs youth resulted in his creating a National Boy Scouts of America adult volunteer recognition for scouters who support special needs youth through the Scouting program. Brian has been previously recognized in Scouting with the Boy Scout Leader's Training Award, Commissioner's Excellence Award, Commissioner's Key, A Doctorate in Commissioner Science, and Distinguished Commissioner Science Award.

Nancy Pallino

Nancy Pallino is a tireless volunteer to the Scouting movement in Suffolk County. At the unit level, she started as a Tiger Den Leader in 2006 and has risen to current positions of Venturing Associate Advisor and Scoutmaster to newly formed Girls' Troop 433. At the same time she has become a key member of Suffolk County Council's training staff. Nancy has provided training leadership positions through Wood Badge staff, National Youth Leadership Training staff, National Youth Leadership Training Course Director, Cub Scout Pow Wow staff, and University of Scouting Dean. Whatever free time she has left found her serving as staff or coordinator for Cub O'Ree program, Council Halloween Haunted House, and Baiting Hollow Camp staff. Nancy has been previously recognized in Scouting with the Benjamin Tallmadge District Spark Plug Award, District Certificate of Merit, and District Award of Merit.

Christopher Philp

Chris Philp is a Scouting volunteer that holds multiple positions at the same time. He is currently the Benjamin Tallmadge Monthly Roundtable Commissioner and District Commissioner. In addition he is the Suffolk County Council Order of the Arrow Associate Lodge Advisor, Baiting Hollow Scout Camp Alumni Association Co-Chair, and Baiting Hollow Halloween Committee member. Previous volunteer positions include Boy Scouts of America Northeast Region Area 2 Committee, Suffolk County Council National Jamboree Leader, Order of the Arrow Lodge Advisor, unit commissioner. He has been, and is, tireless in his efforts to provide a safe environment for youth to grow and have fun. Chris was previously recognized in Scouting with the Benjamin Tallmadge District Award of Merit.

Edith Pulizzotto

Edie Pulizzotto has provided a broad array of volunteer leadership and support to Scouting in Suffolk County.  Currently she is the Matinecock Assistant District Commissioner for Rountable, served in training leadership positions both for Suffolk County Council, Northeast Region Area 2 Training Conference, Committee Member at various Scouting Universities and Cub Scout Pow Wows, and currently serves on the Suffolk County Council Enterprise Risk Committee. She also has given of her time outside of Scouting in leadership positions in the Huntington School District on advisory boards, Flower Hill PTA President, and Jack Abrams Middle School Special Education PTA Delegate. Scouting volunteer positions she has previously been recognized for are the BSA National Special Needs Scouting Service Award, Matinecock District Award of Merit, Commissioner's Key, Commissioner's Arrowhead, and Cub Scout Training Award.

Charlene Vitale

Charlene Vitale is a 26 year volunteer veteran for Suffolk County Council. Charlene has served on the unit level to council level. Charlene started in 1990 as a Pack 272 Den Leader and has progressed up through Unit Commissioner to Trailblazer District Committee to Suffolk County Council Development Committee. For the past 5 years she has run a Scouting outdoor experience program for special needs adults in conjunction with Long Island Independent Group Home Living Program. She has been active in Council fundraising events to raise money to fund the youth programs in Suffolk County. Charlene has been previously recognized in Scouting with the Benjamin Tallmadge District Award of Merit and the Paddy Clarkin "Good Scouter" Award.

Honor Spirit Award Recipients 

Benjamin Tallmadge District - Troop 362 - Daniel K.

Matinecock District - Troop 539 G - Karla I.

Sagtikos District - Troop 399 - Matthew A.

Trailblazer District - Crew 7023 - Vera R.

Exploring District - Post 700 7th Precinct - John B.