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Scouters Reserve is a nonprofit group. Our mission is to promote, advocate, foster and encourage community support and goodwill for the resources of the Boy Scouts of America, and to solicit, collect, and otherwise raise money to be used by the Scouters Reserve for the benefit of the Boy Scouts of America, providing resources not available through the Boy Scouts of America’s current operating budget.

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Monthly Items


Editorial – Summer Camp

Upcoming Events –June, July, August

Dates to Remember – Fall Trailblazer District

Cub Scouts

The Flag of America - play

Keep America Beautiful – play

Pinewood Derby Incentives


Webelos Walkabout Scout

Webelos Walkabout Adventure Workbook - Webelos Walkabout (

Webelos Walkabout Activities

Into the Woods Scout

Into the Woods Workbook -Into the Woods (

Into the Woods Activities

Big Announcement


Transportation - Transportation | Boy Scouts of America (

Scout Camping

Camping Tip

2021 Scouts BSA Recruitment Incentive

Heat Illness/Injury

Sun Safety

Duty To God



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File Name Description
2021 Pinewood Derby Membership Incentive Download
2021 Scouts BSA Incentive Download
202106 Big Announcement Download
202106 Camping Tips Download
202106 Dates to Remember Download
202106 Summer Camp Download
202106 Upcoming Events Download
Flag of America Download
Heat Illness Injury Download
Into the Woods Activities Download
Into the Woods Scout Download
Into the Woods Workbook Download
Keep America Beautiful Play Download
Scout Camping Download
Sun Safety Download
Webelos Walkabout Activities Download
Webelos Walkabout Scout Download
Webelos Walkabout Workbook Download