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Scouters Reserve is a nonprofit group. Our mission is to promote, advocate, foster and encourage community support and goodwill for the resources of the Boy Scouts of America, and to solicit, collect, and otherwise raise money to be used by the Scouters Reserve for the benefit of the Boy Scouts of America, providing resources not available through the Boy Scouts of America’s current operating budget.




Monthly Items

- News & Events brochure – Trailblazer

- Sponsors and Contributors




Cub Scouts

- Pack Plans – Cheerful – February

           December Cheerful – Pack Night

           April – Cheerful

-Pack Meeting Ideas

- Guide to Safe Scouting – Aquatics Safety



- Adventure

- Aquanaut Activities

- Aquanaut Cub Scout Plans

- Sports Activities

- Sports Scout Plans



- Pow Wow Flyer

- BALOO Training

- Cub Specific Training

- Boy Scout Training Dates for 2019-2020


Boy Scouts

  • STEM Big Rock Idea


Duty To God



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MAR19-100th Anniversary Camporee Information.pdf Download
MAR19-April Cheerful WEB.pdf Download
MAR19-Aquanaut Activities.pdf Download
MAR19-Aquanaut Meeting Plans.pdf Download
MAR19-BALOO Training.pdf Download
MAR19-Cub Scout Specific Training.pdf Download
MAR19-December Cheerful Pack Night.pdf Download
MAR19-Guide to Safe Scouting Aquatics Safety.pdf Download
MAR19-Sponsor Sheet.pdf Download
MAR19-Sports Activities.pdf Download
MAR19-Sports Planning Guide.pdf Download
MAR19-STEM Roundtable Big Rock Idea.pdf Download
MAR19-Trailblazer Boy Scout Training Dates 2019 & 2020.pdf Download
MAR19-Trailblazer Website.pdf Download
MAR19February Cheerful.pdf Download