Trailblazer Scouter Reserve History

Below you will find previous articles that were highlighted in the Scouters Reserve.  If you can't find it, please send us an email and we will try to help you out.


File Name Description
2019 Suffolk Cub Fun and Faith Flyer.pdf Download
2019 Suffolk Cub Fun and Faith Flyer.pdf Download
A Mother's Day Poem Download
Adventures-In-Science.pdf Download
APR19 BALOO Training.pdf Download
APR19 Camping Checklist.pdf Download
APR19 Kind- May - May - My Animal Friends.pdf Download
APR19 Outdoor Adventurer Meeting Guide.pdf Download
APR19 Packing Checklist .pdf Download
APR19 Sponsor Sheet.pdf Download
APR19 Thank you Mom.pdf Download
APR19 The Councils 100th Anniversary Camporee.pdf Download
APR19 The-Adventure-Plan-TAP-2019.pdf Download
APR19 Theme- Kind Pay It Forward December.pdf Download
APR19 Trailblazer website.pdf Download
FEB19 100th Anniversary Camporee Information.pdf Download
FEB19 Boy's Life Planning Calendar.pdf Download
FEB19 BSA Safety Moment Winter Activity Safety .pdf Download
FEB19 Effective Leaders.pdf Download
FEB19 Engineer Activities.pdf Download
FEB19 Engineer Scout .pdf Download
FEB19 Join with Us.pdf Download
FEB19 Sponsor Sheet.pdf Download
FEB19 Stronger Faster Higher Activities.pdf Download
FEB19 Stronger-Faster-Higher.pdf Download
FEB19 Thrifty A Camping We Will Go.pdf Download
FEB19 Thrifty Construction.pdf Download
FEB19 Thrifty Power Up.pdf Download
FEB19 Trailblazer Website.pdf Download
FEB19 Winter Camping.pdf Download
JAN19-A Scout's Prayer by Lord Baden Powell.pdf Download
JAN19-ADHD BSA Safety Moment.pdf Download
JAN19-BSA Safety Moments - Carbon Monoxice Poisoning - at Home or Camp .pdf Download
JAN19-Campout Checklist.pdf Download
JAN19-Cyber Safety Article.pdf Download
JAN19-CyberSafety.pdf Download
JAN19-Duty to God and You.pdf Download
JAN19-Duty To God Emblem.pdf Download
JAN19-Duty to God in Action .pdf Download
JAN19-Duty to God in Action Workbook.pdf Download
JAN19-Duty-to-God-and-You Worksheet.pdf Download
JAN19-Implemention Details for Females Entering Scouts BSA.pdf Download
JAN19-Motown Flyer.pdf Download
JAN19-Program for Older Girl Update and FAQ-3-5-18.pdf Download
JAN19-Scout Engineering.pdf Download
JAN19-Sponsor Sheet.pdf Download
JAN19-Trailblazer Website.pdf Download
JAN19-Troop Leader Duty to God.pdf Download
MAR19-100th Anniversary Camporee Information.pdf Download
MAR19-April Cheerful WEB.pdf Download
MAR19-Aquanaut Activities.pdf Download
MAR19-Aquanaut Meeting Plans.pdf Download
MAR19-BALOO Training.pdf Download
MAR19-Cub Scout Specific Training.pdf Download
MAR19-December Cheerful Pack Night.pdf Download
MAR19-Guide to Safe Scouting Aquatics Safety.pdf Download
MAR19-Sponsor Sheet.pdf Download
MAR19-Sports Activities.pdf Download
MAR19-Sports Planning Guide.pdf Download
MAR19-STEM Roundtable Big Rock Idea.pdf Download
MAR19-Trailblazer Boy Scout Training Dates 2019 & 2020.pdf Download
MAR19-Trailblazer Website.pdf Download
MAR19February Cheerful.pdf Download
May19 A Guide for Volunteers on Good Volunteer-Professional Relationships.pdf Download
May19 Auto Maintenance Merit Badge.pdf Download
May19 Castaway Adventure.pdf Download
May19 Castaway.pdf Download
May19 Earth Rocks Activity Pages.pdf Download
May19 Earth Rocks.pdf Download
May19 Games Packet[6480].pdf Download
May19 Gathering Activities Packet[6479].pdf Download
May19 Hiking.pdf Download
May19 January Obedient Cub Scout City Council.pdf Download
May19 June Obedient Wheel Into Summer.pdf Download
May19 Skits Packet.pdf Download
May19 Skits Packet_1.pdf Download
May19 Song booklet.pdf Download
May19 Sponsor Sheet.pdf Download
May19 Trailblazer Boy Scout Training Dates 2019 & 2020.pdf Download
May19 Trailblazer website.pdf Download
May19 Volunteerism Relationships.pdf Download