Venture Crew

What is Venturing?

Venture Crew is a Co-ed section of scouting made to allow young adults to come into their own and work on their leadership skills.  Crews are youth run which gives the members a lot of freedom to make their own choices.  Venture Crews also have different focuses.  High Adventure is a prominent one, focusing on adventurous physical activities such as hiking, camping, and the like.  Some focus on more sedentary things like art.  There are many different types of crews.  If you're considering joining, look into some different crews in your area.  Some crews are very active doing events every week while others are completely inactive and rarely do events.   

Age Requirement:

14 to 20 years old

What is the VOA?

VOA stands for Venturing Officers Association.  The VOA plans and runs inter-crew events for a certain area.  It is a step up the chain of command.  You're first part of your Crew and then part of the VOA.  This is also a very youth run group.  Not every crew participates in the VOA, but all in the area of your Venturing Officers Association are welcome.


There are leadership roles in both the VOA and in your Crew.  These roles vary from crew to crew and VOA to VOA, but every Crew and VOA consistently has a youth president.  Other roles are given out as needed.  Webmaster, Vice President of Administrations, Vice President of Programs, and Treasurer are just some potential roles you could play. 

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