Benjamin Tallmadge District

The Benjamin Tallmadge District maintains its own web site which can be found at

Roundtable - New Location for 2016-2017 Scouting Year!

Roundtable for the Benjamin Tallmadge District is the 2nd Thursday of the month at the Church of Latter-Day Saints in Terryville at 372 Terryville Road, Port Jefferson Station.  It is across the street from Terryville Elementary.  Also we do ask that you respect the church and do not bring coffee or tea to any Roundtables at the church.  Also coffee and tea will not be served but refreshments will still be provided.

GPS Address: 372 Terryville Road, Port Jefferson Station

Upcoming Events:

District 2017-2018 Program Kickoff and BBQ at the Baiting Hollow Scout Camp Dining Hall (6:30pm) - Please RSVP on the bottom of this page.


File Name Description
2016 OWLS Training Download
Bobby Rabbitt

Bobby Rabbitt

Senior District Executive - Benjamin Tallmadge

(631) 924-7000 x117

Position Name Telephone
Benjamin Tallmadge District Chairman Jeff Stern (631) 928-9704 Email
Benjamin Tallmadge District Commissioner Chris Philp (631) 365-3883 Email
Senior District Executive - Benjamin Tallmadge Bobby Rabbitt (631) 924-7000 x117 Email