Cub Scouts


What is the Cub Scouts Program?

Cub Scouts is for boys and girls, kindergarten to 5th grade. It is a program where youth develop the foundations for leadership, citizenship, and personal fitness through fun activities involving parents and legal guardians. Cub Scouting designates participants into groups based on grade and gender before participating in activities.   

What Will I Do in Cub Scouts? 

Cub Scouting activities are designed for Scouting families to get in on the fun, and include exploring the outdoors, building projects, making friends, and developing a lifelong love of learning as Cub Scouts earn patches related to their grades. 

How Often Do Cub Scouts Meet?

Cub Scouts meet twice a month or once a week depending on what times are convenient for families involved in the program.   

Who Runs Cub Scouts?

Parents and legal guardians of Cub Scouts work together to run the Cub Scout program. Cub Scouting offers excellent support for parents and legal guardians to deliver the program as a team through national online training and resources to local in-person coaching and mentoring. 

Why Join Cub Scouts? 

Cub Scouting encourages family fun while providing youth with a safe space to make friends and challenge themselves through age-appropriate activities. It is a program where children and parents feel like they belong to an organization that consistently reinforces worthwhile values like honesty, good conduct, and respect for others.?


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