What is the Venturing Program? 

Created for boys and girls ages 14-20, Venturing is a youth-led program where Scouts experience positive mentorship and develop leadership skills in a fun, supportive environment.   

What Will I Do in Venturing? 

Venturers develop leadership skills like decision making, communication, and organization by choosing activities they are most interested in performing. Some of these activities include kayaking, volunteering at animal shelters, or designing robots—the Venturing activity is entirely up to the Scout! 

How Often Do Venturing Crews Meet?

Up to twice a month at locations relevant to the crew’s high-adventure or activity of interest.

Who Runs Venturing?

Elected youth lead meetings, set schedules, and plan activities under the guidance of adult advisors. Chartered organizations like religious institutions, youth groups, or service organizations typically sponsor Venturing programs.

Why Should I Join Venturing? 

Venturing teaches youth valuable leadership skills through fun, challenging, and age-appropriate adventures where they are encouraged to make ethical choices that adhere to the Scout Oath and Law.


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