Lodge Leadership Development (LLD)

Lodge Leadership Development is an integral training that is offered within the Order of the Arrow.  It provides an opportunity for new members to learn about the program, youth leaders to run the program, advisers to support it, and any member to gain an understanding of anything and everything that the Order of the Arrow encompasses.

Training is how we, as an Order, pass down the torch and prepare the next generation of leaders.  While the training is streamlined to help members learn how to benefit the Order, it has many practical applications outside of the Order.  Whether you are a Troop Guide or the SPL, this training can not only foster a new and fundamental of what it is to be a leader, but also help you better serve your unit.

MEMBERS, we highly encourage you to participate in this training.  It is absolutely worth the time and effort to learn how you can change the Order and beyond.  The training will be held from March 15th to the 17th at Baiting Hollow Scout Camp.  Come join us for a truly unique experience that the program has to offer.

2024 LLD