Cub Fun Splash Day


Aug 26, 2017 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm



Suffolk Y Jewish Community Center
74 Hauppauge Rd
commack, NY 11725


FREE! All Cub Scouts, families, leaders and guests are welcome!

What’s going on:

Join us for a Cub Fun Splash Day on the fields at the Commack YJCC. We’ll have water balloons, games, Soda Bottle Rockets, and a Water Balloon Catapult  Competition for all that are interested in participating.

Catapult Competition Rules:

Older Scouts Competition- to begin at 3:00 PM
The Catapult Competition will be a friendly competition for anyone that would like to bring a  home-made catapult to the event. The winner will be the catapult that launches a small water balloon the farthest distance. Individual youth and their families, Dens, and or entire
Packs are invited to participate.

  1.  The machine’s throwing arm may be no longer than 4 feet and must use a vertical motion (ie: no sidearm hurls – this is a safety issue).
  2. The machine must be somewhat portable as you will be required to move it from a staging area to the firing line in a limited amount of time.
  3. The machine must be of your own creation and may not be built from a kit.
  4. The machine must be able to be triggered or fired from the side and a minimum of 5 feet away.
  5. The machine must be entirely human powered (but obviously leverage and stored energy provided by humans ARE allowed). Excluded energy sources include, but are not limited to: electrical, combustion, hydraulics, pneumatics, fuel-powered or chemical energy.



Younger Scouts – to begin directly following the Water Balloon Catapult Competition:

Additionally, we will have a MARSHMALLOW Catapult Competition for younger Scouts –
Individual Scouts can prepare a small, table-top Marshmallow Catapult to be fired from a
table-top. Each Marshmallow will be labeled with the initial of the Scout firing the shot, and
the Scout with the marshmallow that shoots the farthest will win.


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District Executive - Matinecock Liz Jumper (631) 924-7000 x131 Email