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Upcoming Events and other Information 

Popcorn Fundraiser - <--- Click this Link to find out more

Selling popcorn is an amazing way to raise money for your Units! Not only can you raise an enormous amount of money but it helps with recruiting more kids in need of the BSA program. The popcorn fundraiser encourages your unit to get out in the community to show your faces and let them know all the good work that our scouts are doing for their community.

Do you have questions about the Popcorn Fundraiser? Where is the Popcorn Kickoff Breakfast? How can I sign up for Popcorn sales? How do I sign up for Mall space? What do I need to know about Popcorn? What are the prizes this year?

Click this link and all your questions will be answered:


Webelos Woods October 18th-20th

Register online

Leaders Guide- Rules and Procedures for the event. Please read.

Site Map- All the camp sites at the Seminary. Sites 1-21 are reserved for Scouts, BSA units. Sites 22-42 are reserved for our Cub Scout units. Only can reserve site when roster and payment are received.

Non-Scouter Day Pass- We are encouraging all of our Scouts to invite their non-scouter friends to Webelos Woods. This can be used to help fall recruitment for your units. Please take advantage and spread the word. You can also use this FLYER! All non-scouters should be accompanied with their parent(s).




The Next Roundtable will be September 12, 2019

Burr Intermediate School, 202 Burr Rd, Commack, NY 11725 7:30pm  

Matinecock Roundtable Guideline and Procedures

Roundtable is a great way to learn and meet other leaders and share experiences.  Do you have questions?   Would you like to hear about a particular topic?  Let us know! We are here to support you!   Looking forward to seeing you there!  We meet the second Thursday of the month.

Have a question or a suggestion for a topic ?  Enter it >>> Here <<<

Information about past roundtables


What You Missed At Last Roundtable

What's the Point- June Edition

June Roundtable Agenda

Announcement Slide Show

BSA Safety Moments

See our roundtable page for full details.

Scouting For Food

Please report any Scouting for Food collections that you directly donate  here

There will be Scouting for Food bags at Council office and/or Matinecock Round tables

Please click on the "Where do I pick up my Unit's Scouting for Food bag" for more locations to collect bags.

There is no submission date. Scouting for Food is for the entire year of 2019. We ask that you please record how much food (in pounds) and how much money you have collected and enter your collections here

We will be collecting food at every Round Table. If you have any food you would like to donate, please bring it to our next roundtable to help us reach our goal of 100,000.

Scouting for Food Flyer

Where do I pick up my Unit's Scouting for Food bag?

Pack 66 Scouting for Food Flyer


Scout is Reverent

  • Religious Emblems and how to earn them
  • Click here for More Information about the dates below <----------
  • Religious Emblems Convocation- 15 September.  Recipients of AAD and PPXII will be receiving their awards at 2 PM at St Agnus in Rockville Center. 

  • Cub Scout All Saints Day- 26 October...special event hosted by Rita Murphy to learn about the Saints.

  • Scout Day of Recollection- 16 November

  • Peace Light Ceremony- 8 December.  

  •  All Catholic scouters are cordially invited to join. Contact: Catholic Scouting Office: 516.678.5800 ext. 245

Service Hours / Community Out-Reach Programs

Huntington Drug & Alcohol Counseling Center- SPORT Prevention and Wellness

"Stand Up For The Homeless"

Community Letter

Student Letter

Donation List


Unit Resources

Recruitment Central

Scouting Programs / Activities

Sea Scouts Program- Learn More About This Opportunity of a Lifetime

Ship 270, Northport

Journey To Excellence

2019 Scorecards 


- See the Councils information page

Look how much fun our Scouts are having!

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District Executive - Matinecock Taliesin Powell (631) 924-7000 x131 Email
Matinecock District Advancement Chair David Hunt (631) 754-2767 Email
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Matinecock District Commissioner George Smith (631) 987-8429 Email
Matinecock Nominating Chairperson Michael Shef (631) 351-0619 Email
Matinecock Training Chair Greg Aylmer (631) 664-0089 Email