OA Member 2019 Dues

Every year we ask our members to pay a small dues fee of $15 for membership in the lodge. If you were inducted in 2018, your dues for this year were covered when you paid for your induction. If you were inducted in 2017 or prior and would like to remain an active member of the lodge you need to submit the Lodge Dues for 2019. 

If you attend most of the lodge events, a 2019 Lodge Pass may be a better deal for you. The Lodge Pass costs $125 and pays for your 2019 dues, the spring LLD training, all three induction weekends, and a $20 credit to the Fall Fellowship.

To purchase a Lodge Pass, click HERE. 

To pay your 2019 dues, fill out the form below for each person you are registering. 

If you prefer to mail in your registration, you can download the form below.

(Mail-in Registration Form Coming Soon!)

Electronic Registration is Recommended!