2022 Rechartering

Instructions for the Charter Renewal

Step #1

Submit all new applications to the council with prorated fees for the remaining months.

(See the fee chart attached.)

Step #2

Identify your returning members and collect the necessary fees.

Step #3

Run a Youth Protection Training Report and verify all returning adults have a 2024 expiration date.

(This can be found under TRAINING MANAGER in your my.scouting account.)

Step #4

Access the renewal roster through- Internet Advancement 2.0


Step #5

Make edits to the roster- add members, remove members, change positions, verify Scout’s Life subscriptions.

Step #6

To finalize the charter, we ask that you select the option to pay directly to Council. Please make check payable to SCC BSA and mail to the address below.

1 Independence Hill Suite 202

Farmingville, NY 11738

Please include:

  • A copy of your approved Charter paperwork
  • Annual Charter Agreement
  • YPT aging report.

You can also email the PDFs to Joann.Vallillo@scouting.org.

If you choose to pay with an e-check or Credit Card payment, we will not be able to make edits. The money is paid directly to our National Office, and we must post “as is”. Please make sure all members are marked properly if they are paid elsewhere. (Mark as a Multiple and verify payment has been made.) Keep in mind that registration is non-refundable.


  • Members with multiple IDs must ensure that he YPT is linked with their current registration. Otherwise, a YPT certificate must be supplied.
  • Members turning 18 must complete the YPT and fill out an adult application.
  • Anyone paying with an e-check must verify micro deposits were made. Please follow the instructions in the system when making the payment.
  • Key 3 members can assign 3 additional members the “KEY 3 DELEGATE” functional role to grant them access to the charter renewal system. This can be done through the my.scouting account. MENU> UNIT> ORGANIZATION MANAGER> POSITION MANAGER> FUNCTIONAL ROLE.
  • If you are unsure of a youth member returning for the new year, leave them off. We can always add them back.
  • Anyone that doesn’t have a 2024 YPT expiration date should be removed from the charter to comply with our Council’s policy.

The Charters are due on November 15th. We know that our council has been lenient in the past and would like to work within National’s recommended dates. The council will process the charters and hopefully complete them all by the end of December, so the new charter rosters will be active as of January 1, 2023.

Thank you so much for your help with this. Please feel free to contact Joann with any questions or concerns.

File Name Description
2023 Fee Chart Download
Annual Charter Agreement Download