Trailblazer District

For planned training and district events, click here for the calendar.  We attach flyers to the events.

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Roundtable Meetings Information Click here.

District Contacts

Position Name Telephone
Boy Scout Activites Matthew Bollerman (631) 678-5480 Email
The Cub Scout Activites Krystal Brownell (631) 439-5719 Email
Trailblazer Training Bill Houghtalen (631) 447-6804 Email
Trailblazer District Commissioner Lorraine Ingraffia (631) 942-6563 Email
Trailblazer Webmaster Vicky Ivans (516) 384-1347 Email
Trailblazer Chairperson Stephen Kesner (631) 475-4360 Email
District Director - Trailblazer Kim Taylor (631) 924-7000 x118 Email