Trailblazer District

Trailblazer Calendar 2022-2023


  • Trailblazer Den Chief Training 12/3/2022

  • 2023 Silver Beaver Award Nominees are now being accepted. Silver Beaver Nomination Announcement document  Nomination forms are available on the Suffolk County Council website, which will be the only form and format accepted for consideration at:

  • Donations to the Council can be made here. Does your company match your donation? Check here.

  • Do not miss upcoming training and district events.

  • Check out the Scouters Reserve.

  • Trailblazer Newsletter

  • BSA is focused on helping all of our members continue the Scouting journey. Even though we are far apart, the bonds of Scouting remain strong. The new Scouting at Home site offers a one-stop destination for tools, resources, and information our members need to continue Scouting during these challenging times. The site will also feature the inspirational newScoutingWire TV web series, which shares good-news Scouting stories from around the nation, and it contains links to Frequently Asked Questions that keep our volunteers updated on the latest guidance during this time.

Roundtable Meeting Information.


File Name Description
Event flyer Download
FAQs – Internet Recharter 2.0 Post October 15 Download
Position Name Telephone
Council Commissioner Matthew Bollerman (631) 678-5480 Email
Trailblazer Popcorn Chair Adrienne Coyne (631) 902-2277 Email
Trailblazer Roundtable Commissioner Catarina Cruz (631) 790-6448 Email
TB District Dean of Merit Badges Shawn Hopke (631) 836-4173 Email
District Training Chair Bill Houghtalen (631) 447-6804 Email
Cub Scout Training Chairman Tim Jennings (631) 987-1125 Email
Program Chair Stephen Kesner (631) 848-6877 Email
Special Needs Advocate Max Klein (631) 615-1922 Email
Scouts BSA Activity Chair Frank Mathews (631) 672-9901 Email
Scouts BSA Training Chairman Martin Minogue (631) 447-3966 Email
District Commissioner Kevin Quinn (631) 922-1336 Email
Cub Scout Events Georgina Riley (516) 383-9302 Email
Membership Chair Bill Robinson (631) 379-7386 Email
Council Youth Protection Chairman Tom Rolston (631) 368-7022 Email
Trailblazer Advancement Pete Scavo (631) 803-6944 Email
District Chairman Allen Schneider (516) 848-9801 Email
Office Manager/LFL/Special Needs Kim Taylor (631) 924-7000 x118 Email
Risk Compliance Chair Paul Taylor (631) 790-7679 Email