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Trailblazer Newsletter

News, Updates and Kudos from the Trailblazer district


Hello Trailblazer family and welcome to the early summer edition of our district newsletter.  The goal of this publication is to provide informative, educational and celebratory information to our member units on a regular basis. As we continue through this period of limited BSA activity, our units have found a way to continue their scouting journeys. 
We hope you find the information useful and more importantly we ask for your input in developing future content. Please see the contact information at the end of the newsletter to see what we’re planning and how you can contribute.

Community Service

On Saturday, May 1, 2021 several local units participated in the Holbrook Spring Cleanup. Each unit was assigned a specific area of town to clean. The effort was widely appreciated by local residents who stopped by to thank the scouts and offer water and snacks.

Troop 124

Troop 80 & Troop 807G

Also in May, Troop 124 participated in the cleanup of the Santora/Bonacasa VFW Post 400 in Farmingville.
The cleanup effort was organized as a result of illegal dumping of concrete and debris that occurred on Post #400’s grounds.

Troop 124 at VFW Post 400

Reminder: All scouts who perform any local community based service activity should remember to record their hours in Scoutbook. This will help them with their Journey to Excellence scores.


The Trailblazer district celebrates some recent achievements in our scouter family.

COVID-19 Community Response Award

The Trailblazer District is pleased to announce two recipients of the Covid-19 Community Response Award. This award is given to those individuals who have made a difference in helping their communities navigate through the pandemic. 
We acknowledge Benjamin Stork from Troop 29 and Chase Reilly from Troop 76. Congratulations!

Applications can be downloaded from


New Eagle Scouts

Even though the pandemic has greatly limited scout activities over the last year and a half, we had a significant number of scouts manage to fulfill their journey to Eagle Scout.

In Hampton Bays Troop 483 welcomed 5 new Eagle Scouts:

From Left to Right: Scoutmaster Allen Schneider, Aidan Martin, Bryan Ambrose, Maximus Haynia, Aidan Utz, Corey Hoffman

In Sayville Troop 184 welcomed 11 new Eagle Scouts:

From Left to Right: Nicholas Gibbons, Mathew Yonkers, Dominic Palumbo, Mike Yonkers, Charles Burgardt, Nathan Willdigg, Charles Amodemo, Mathew Zender, Christopher Zender, Erik Person & Evan Powers.


Summer of Service

In the previous edition of our newsletter we announced the launch of the Suffolk County Council Service Hub where scouts can find local projects to work on. With that in mind, BSA has announced a "Summer of Service" campaign. Since Scouts help other people at all times, and after a year of staying home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of them are excited to start serving their communities like they did pre-pandemic. It’s pretty simple to be part of it. Do a project or Good Turn and let the BSA know. That’s all there is to it.

It’s a time to remind our country of the good Scouts do on a daily basis. We all can participate in service, whether it’s completing an extensive Eagle Scout project or an impromptu helping of a neighbor with yard work. Make sure projects adhere to BSA standards and guidelines, along with COVID-19 guidelines for your area.

The campaign runs through October. Share your Scout’s or unit’s service here and on social media by using the hashtag #SummerOfService.

Some ideas

If you follow BSA guidelines, any service project can qualify to be part of Summer of Service. It must benefit others, rather than Scouting. But a Scouting event can spur service ideas, like cleaning up a park during a campout.

If you need help brainstorming ideas, here are a few:

  • Repair bicycles and teach bike safety to neighborhood children? 
  • Wearing appropriate gear, disinfect playground equipment in your neighborhood park?
  • Make and donate face coverings to schools and churches in your area 
  • Take a trash bag and gloves with you on your next run or family walk and pick up any trash you see 
  • Beautify the school grounds or community public areas 
  • Commit to using fewer plastic bags 
  • Perform an energy audit of your home 
  • Set up a recycling system where there isn’t one 
  • Do a chore for someone who cannot easily do it themselves:  mow a lawn, rake leaves, fix a mailbox, etc. 
  • Following COVID guidelines in your area, check in on an elderly neighbor 
  • Collect school supplies and backpacks and donate them to your local school 
  • Collect supplies to donate to domestic violence shelters in your area 
  • Donate a portion of your weekly allowance to a homeless shelter 
  • Foster a shelter animal or offer dog walking services 
  • Return carts for people at the store for an afternoon during a rainy day 
  • Write “thank you” notes to men & women in the military, first responders, healthcare workers 
  • Take treats to a local fire station 
  • Assist a community library with their annual book drive


After participating in the Summer of Service, you can order a patch to hang over your front right pocket or a ring to sew around the World Crest. You can also print out a certificate for your Scouts.



With the recent relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions, scouting is making a big push to get more youths involved in our program. The "Escape the Great Indoors" campaign serves as both ‘Campaign Promotion’ and a ‘Call To Action’ for families and youth to get involved. It is an opportunity to showcase the character-building fun and adventure the program brings to life in communities across the country.

It is an invitation to take part in the fun and adventure that will help kids to build the confidence to find and forge a path to their own best self!
Your leaders will keep you informed on specific activities like Recruitment fairs, Scout Spirit Day, etc., that will support the campaign.


Upcoming Activities

As Covid-19 restrictions are slowly being eased in our region we have been able to start planning activities again. Here are some upcoming events for your calendar:

August Roundtable Picnic - August 18
Cub Recruitment Family Festival (Woodside Nursery) - August 25
Good Deed Cocktail Reception honoring Patchogue Mayor Paul Pontieri (Toast Coffeehouse) - September 14; 5:30 - 8:30
Webelos Woods (Bayport Aerodrome) - October 2
Fall Camporee (Brookhaven Firemen's Park) - October 22 - 24
District Awards Dinner - November 6


Until Next Time

We’ll be looking to expand the content of each newsletter as we go forward. Some topics that we’re focusing on for upcoming issues are: Leader Spotlight, Fundraising Ideas, Recruiting Tips, Community Outreach, Camping Recipes, and off site activities. If you have anything in these areas, or any other subject of interest, and would like to share please contact Chris Catalano at
Stephen Kesner, District Chairman

Kevin Quinn, District Commissioner
Kim Taylor, District Director

Chris Catalano, Editor